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About Flowers Naturally Cornwall

Since 2015 Hannah has been developing the gardens at Cory Farm whist study towards an RHS qualification in the principles of plant growth, propagation and development. “Environmental considerations are at the heart of Cory Farm, an organic diary farm, so we wanted to grow flowers and plants for our holiday cottages and visitors without single use plastics, pesticides or transportation impact cost”. In spring 2019 Flowers Naturally Cornwall was born and combining cultivated and foraged flowers ethically sourced from the farm, Hannah began supplying local people, businesses and farmers markets. “We are proud of the steps we have taken to increase the biodiversity of the land at Cory Farm, by sowing fields with organic bumble bird seed and wildflowers we have created a much needed habitat where bees are thriving and birds can feed over winter. Also by leaving designated field corners ungrazed for several years and reducing the cutting of our hedgerows, we are helping to increasing the plant, insect, bird and small mammal populations around the farm.”

Details of our latest projects, markets and events can be found on the flowersnaturallycornwall page. More images from around the farm, can be viewed in our  our gallery.



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